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Arrival Foley team

Arrival Poster

You may have heard of Denis Villeneuve's thrilling Sci-fi movie Arrival featuring Amy Adams and Jeremy Renner, you may have even had the chance to catch it in a cinema near you. Arrival received 8 nominations at the 2017 Academy Awards, including one for EACH sound category. Bernard Gariépy Strobl was nominated for Best Sound Mixing, and Sylvain Bellemare was nominated and won for Best Sound Editing.

Arrival was also awarded the 2017 BAFTA for Best Sound (Claude LaHaye, Bernard Gariépy Strobl and Sylvain Bellemare).

One thing you might not know though, is that all the Foley for this Canadian-US production was done in France!

Nicolas Becker, a veteran Foley artist, Sound Designer and composer with credits spanning many major French and International movies (Gravity, Hellboy II, Ghost Writer) got a call from Supervising Sound Editor Sylvain Bellemare (pictured right) which got the ball rolling.

With Becker handling Foley SFX, Greg Vincent was called in to perform the bulk of Foley elements. For scheduling reasons, two studios were called upon for the recording sessions: Poly Son Post Production, and Yellow Cab Studios. SFX Foley was recorded at Poly Son by Olivier Guillaume with Niels Barletta in attendance to edit and transform sounds, and all the other Foley was recorded at Poly Son and Yellow Cab (one week in each studio) by Steven Ghouti.

The French Foley team reunited recently to take a picture (yeah OK, to have a drink) at Poly Son:

Left to Right: Greg, Steven, Nicolas, Olivier, Niels

And here is the Canadian sound team, at MELS, the post facility that provided post-production services for Arrival:

MELS sound team

And here is good old Oscar, in Sylvain's editing room:


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